Humanities Program

The Humanities program uses the lens of human culture and experience to help students understand and redefine the connections between past, present, and future. A rigorous curriculum built upon the Colorado learning standards, the program provides regular opportunities for students to participate in self-directed Connections and passion projects, service learning, and Honors Opportunities that expand their perspective, independence, and creativity.

Personalized Projects

Connections projects and passion projects are an important component of the Humanities program, building upon the Colorado learning standards. In order for students to truly understand content learning, they need avenues to apply their skills and knowledge to the world around them. Application alone, however, is not enough. Encouraging inquiry and creativity also requires students to pursue their own learning, find their own passions, and seek their own answers. Integrated across subject areas, personalized projects push students to dig deeply into topics, develop independence and perseverance, and use their creativity.

Service Learning

Service learning has two important goals: to provide useful service and to learn from the experience of serving. Offered throughout the year, some service learning activities are part of Connections projects, while others are offered independently. Students who engage in service learning develop the social, personal and intellectual skills necessary to make a positive contribution to society. Whether in the school, the community or the world beyond, service learning provides students with avenues to expand their learning beyond the classroom.

Honors Opportunities

Although Deer Creek has high expectations and a rigorous curriculum in all classes, Honors Opportunities are offered in the Humanities program to provide an even greater level of challenge for those who wish to pursue it. Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies offer Honors Opportunities, which are assignment and project options that challenge students to demonstrate a deeper level of understanding of content, concepts, skill and application. Offered through the Humanities classrooms, any student can participate in Honors Opportunities, either for credit (by completing all honors options for the class) or for personal interest (choosing on an assignment- by-assignment basis).

Features of Honors Opportunities:

  • Alternative learning choices for students who have an interest in advanced learning opportunities.
  • More challenging opportunities – not simply more assignments.
  • Available to interested students in one class or multiple classes, for one assignment or multiple assignments.
  • Recorded on grade reports for any student who completes the honors requirements for the term.

The Three-year Humanities Program

6th grade Humanities focuses on the theme of Who am I? as students learn about themselves, the earth, and the history of the western hemisphere. 6th grade core classes are Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies. Math classes are determined by a placement process that aligns each student's current math achievement with an appropriately challenging course. Each student has a daily exploratory period, taking two classes on a rotating schedule. Students take a variety of 6th grade exploratory classes in art, drama, world languages, world cultures, family & consumer science, and physical education, including the option of choir, band or orchestra.

7th grade Humanities focuses on the theme Who are they? as students learn about cultures around the world, their development, and their interactions and connections to other cultures. Math continues with either Pre-Algebra or Algebra, based on 6th grade math achievement. 7th graders have two elective periods. In order to provide a well-rounded exploration of elective subjects, each student designs their elective experience by choosing courses in each of four areas:

  • Fine & Performing Arts - art, band, orchestra, choir, drama, piano
  • Health & Applied Arts - PE, family & consumer science, computers, tech ed
  • Communications - composition, creative writing, short stories
  • Language & Cultures - Spanish, French, cultures, world languages

8th grade Humanities shifts focus to the theme Who are we? as students examine not only who we are in the world, but who we aspire to be. The core subjects continue with Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, and electives opportunities continue to expand. With over 30 elective course offerings available to them, 8th graders can continue to explore new areas or focus on areas of interest, including Spanish 1 & 2, French 1 & 2, band, orchestra, choir, foods, fashion & design, PE, art, jewelry, film, computers, publications, creative writing, robotics, tech ed, drama, mentorship, and teacher aides. For a complete listing of 2019-20 courses, please visit our Course Guide.

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